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Data FieldData Value Basic EditionPremium EditionGold Edition
Postal Codenullcheckedcheckedchecked
Province Abbreviationnullcheckedcheckedchecked
Area Codenullcheckedcheckedchecked
City Old Namenullcheckedchecked
Time Zonenullcheckedchecked
Day Light Savingnullcheckedchecked
Building Namenullchecked
Street Namenullchecked
Street Type Codenullchecked
Street Direction Codenullchecked
Street Address Sequence Codenullchecked
Street Address From Numbernullchecked
Street Address Number Suffix From Codenullchecked
Street Address To Numbernullchecked
Street Address Number Suffix To Codenullchecked
Suite From Numbernullchecked
Suite To Numbernullchecked
Delivery Modenullchecked
Delivery Installationnullchecked
Station Informationnullchecked
Last Update Datenullchecked
Obsolete Datenullchecked